I added a few dozen Indian references to the K36 Ancestry Report.

Example report for Indian user


In the last few days I have updated many Iberian averages.The most important changes were in Galicia, Andalusia, Canary Islands and Portugal.

I improved the "Alpine cluster" by adding a French_Swiss and German-speaking isolate from NE-Italy, from for example-Cimbri_Lessina, Sauris, Timao and Sappada.

All the north Italian averages were improved (Veneto, Friuli, Piedmont, Swiss_Italian) and I also added three new ones: Italian Trentino (Trident before was made only from Austrians), Lombardy and Liguria.

Other additions some from Sudan (Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Baria, Zagawia, Beja, Nuba, Egyptian Copt, Sudan Arabs - Shaiga).

I have changed the Scotland averages. Before they were only composed of academic samples,  they were probably too selective or from small areas.

I have added many kits with fully Scottish GEDCOMs to made this average more "real".