In last few months I greatly updated reference database for K36 Ancestral Reports and Chromosomal Analysis, especially for France, UK, Italy and Iberia.

New French references are added:

- Hauts de France
- Lorraine
- Alsace
- Ile de France
- Bourgogne
- Franche-Comte
- Savoie
- Provence
- Normandy

Also French_West, Bretagne (Finistere), French_south are updated with academic samples. Some previous big regions were removed.

New English references are added:

- West-Midlands
- East-Midlands
- Yorkshire&Humber
- East-Anglia

Also England_south-east, England_north-west, England_north-east references were updated. Cumbria was removed.

New Iberian references are added:

- Andalusia south
- Andalusia north
- Portugal Norte
- Portugal Centro
- Portugal Lisboa

Also Catalonia, Valencia, Baleares are updated with academic samples.

new Italian references added:

- Umbria
- Molise
- Basilicata

And practically all of the other regions were updated with academic samples.

All Romanian regions were updated.

Most of Ukrainian references were updated, some central and eastern Ukrainian references were merged into bigger regions.

New Russian regions added:

- Kaluga
- Yaroslavl
- Belgorod

Most of other Russian regions were updated with academic samples


PCA (focus on UK, France, Iberia).

PCA (focus on Italy).

PCA (focus on Eastern Europe).