Global G25 world maps based on scaled coordinates from Davidski (eurogenes.blogspot.com).

What you will get:

  • Two choropleth maps based on different algorithm (Euclidean and Correlation)
  • When you click link in report, every map is on-line and scalable
  • In case of someone being of mixed continental ancestry, every map will show both ancestral parts
  • List of distances / correlation values for both maps
  • Four innovative oracles based on nMonte (with 50%, 25%, 10 and 5% minimum value)
  • all in one PDF report

Example of G25 Report with maps

If you are interested send us ([email protected]) your G25 coordinates SCALED and pay 7 Euro, or 8,5 USD. For this price you get both maps.

If you don't have G25 coordinates already, I can simulate them using K36 to G25 converter but bear in mind it is less reliable then original Davidski's coordinates. In such case sned me raw file from company where you madde genetic test.



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