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Services for K36 calculator

DNA ethnic composition test  K36 Ancestral Report 14 USD / 12 Euro

We offer a detailed ancestry report, based on your component results from the Eurogenes K36 calculator. We use the biggest database of population references (actually 670, but those numbers are still growing). Unlike other oracles larger countries are divided into smaller regional populations. So you get unique ethnic breakdown of your genetic ancestry at a very reasonable price.

What you will get:

  • Four different oracles (nMonte, Admix4, 2-way, Reference points)
  • Two regional similarity K36 maps (Correlation, Euclidean) and average location map
  • Two statistical plots (PCA and MDS) and one dendrogram
  • All in one PDF report

More info here

Chromosome Ancestry Test K36 Chromosomal Analysis 20 USD / 17 Euro

This analysis provides detailed ethnic ancestry breakdown for every chromosome.

What you will get:

  • list of single distances to references from our database for every chromosome
  • ethnic breakdown for every chromosome
  • PCA plot showing graphically all chromosome positions against ethnic / regional groups from our database.
  • all in one PDF report

More info here



Services for other calculators

G25 distance maps Global 25 Maps 6 USD / 5 Euro

Global G25 world maps based on scaled coordinates. It shows your ancestral origins on two world heat maps (using Euclidean and Correlation algorithm).

Important! This service is only for those who have Global G25 coordinates already bought. It is not based on K36 calculator results

More info here.
K13 Ancient Reports K13 Ancient Reports 12-19 USD / 10-16 Euro

Innovative Ancient Reports based on K13 calculator results.

  • K13 Ancient Three Ages Genomide Report - 10 Euro /12 USD
  • K13 Ancient LN-CHL Chromosomal Report 16 Euro / 19 USD
  • K13 Ancient LBA-IA Chromosomal Report 16 Euro - 19 USD
  • K13 Ancient 300BC-900AD Chromosomal Report 16 Euro - 19 USD
  • All in PDF report with nice layout

Service is freezed for two months.

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